Studio 21st: the humAIn workforce


The future of work is not about work. The future of work is about being valued and adding value. It requires a redefinition of work in all organizations worldwide. Work becomes hybrid and what we see as work today may be different in the future. Because if AI & Robots take over our work, what space will be left for our human potential? Which activities of people and employees are valuable to our organisation?  How can we make more use of that when tasks are lost due to technology? With the rise of technology, we have the opportunity to redefine work and give room to human skills. 
Human + Tech = Potential. For the future of our society, organizations and the 21st century employee. 


We help organisations explore and utilize the 21st century skills of people through our humAIn workforce model that combines technology innovation and human potential. That potential is about creativity, empathy & connection, solution-oriented thinking, being critical, ethical skills and dealing with technology. New jobs will be created, but how do we want to shape those new jobs in relation to technology? We do so by advising and implementing this hybrid workforce in organizations but we also have the tools to measure the success. We work on the basis of our core values: 
equality, curiosity, humanity, innovation