Our dreams

A world where robots work and people live

Organisations struggle with the future of work. How will the workplace look like?. How do we ensure that we can realise our work in a different way and continue to achieve our results? That we are going to work more from home is obvious, but how to organise this properly is still a mystery to most people.

Where the dialogue remains mainly about working from home and how we can best organise that, we miss the vision that companies should have about how they want the two most important parts of their company to work together: employees and technology. And that is why I argue that the HR and the ICT director together define the new vision and strategy for the company. The CFO is allowed to take a break, because the results come from making the best possible use of the potential of your employees and technology and are not determined by an excel spreadsheet.

Due to the acceleration of recent months, we have learned even more about the added values of our human potential, we need to connect together to be creative, but also which tasks technology can realise. So make sure in your organisation that you not only look at the goals you set, but also at which tasks you let technology fill in and where you want to put the values of your people. That not only makes them happier, but also much more productive. Away from routine work and moving to adding values based on creativity, innovative power and connection. A new role in your organization: the CHITO.