The hybrid workforce

Where HR and IT are designing the strategy of the future workplace. And creativity and efficiency come together.


Ethics stands for Effective Technical and Human Implementation of Computer-based Systems but also has to do with the ethical way in which we develop technology in our work and lives.  As the technology industry is young and every company is becoming a technology company, we need to start this dialogue now. That is why the 5th technical revolution is called the age of ethics.  That means that ethical thinking is a skill that fits the 1920s of the 21st century.

Human potential

People are one of the most important values of an organisation, especially in the knowledge, service and experience economy in which we live. And what could be worse than the fact that for 15 years now, almost 80% of employees have been saying that they can and want to use more of their potential but that this is not happening in the organisations where they work? (See Gallup annual surveys) 



Robots and AI already carry out many tasks that were previously performed by people. Due to the advance of technology in recent decades, there now appears to be a great need for contact between people. The experience economy is flourishing and growing. Professions in care or education are proving enormously valuable to our society, especially now. So if you want to be more value driven as an organisation, you don’t solve that with just a well-functioning platform.


The HR and IT director determine the company’s strategy. How do we want to achieve success? How do we want to keep our customers satisfied? Not only by becoming even more efficient and productive, but also by making maximum use of the potential of our organisations. And let that potential now mainly consist of your people and your technology